Life is what you make of it

This sentence has been staring at my face almost my entire life. I see it everywhere and it has never resonated like it did today.

I love watching singing competition and talent shows. Never once I didn’t feel envious towards those talented people especially the young children. The high pitch vocals, their confidence and stage presence seem so natural. In short, those individuals, they have the Star factor, the X factor or the It factor.

As I was browsing the newsfeed in my Facebook, I saw one music academy page posted a video of a young girl singing with a caption “her first vocal lesson”. Well, that girl can really sing! If this is posted by an academy to train voices…that means anyone interested (like me and you) can also enroll themselves for a vocal training.

I was in complete awe and started checking the YouTube for “vocal lesson for beginner”. Bam! Turns out there are plenty of full video tutorials by professional voice coaches. I just picked one video and followed the 15-minute exercise tips. This is basically to relax your body muscles, from the mouth all the way down to your belly. I immediately feel that I could breathe better and deeper. Guess what? I just go on to sing-along my favorite songs and I tell ya…I could really hit those high notes confidently.

I had an aha-moment; with goose bumps and teary eyes…this is what it means! I got it! Life IS DEFINITELY what you make of it!

When it’s much easier to just brush it off as “they just got the talent” or “they are just gifted”, I would now say…. that sure takes a lot of work to get there…. and if I want to achieve the same, I just got to do it.

Just Do It

“Just do it” has now deeper meaning to me. To just blindly do it; is more of depending your result on chances and good luck. JUST DO IT means to understand fully that you want it enough to get every electron in your brain to fire up and keep you going, taking every step towards achieving your goal.

Our body didn’t act and move by chance. There is a scientific mechanism that takes place; from it being abstract in a glimpse of thought, to making decision up to a point where the entire muscles in the body being gathered to focus into making things happens.

So, what does this mean to you and me? Life is not only about taking what is given to you….it is definitely what you make the best of it. Hence, welcome to my blog; a place where I would share my thoughts, real-life experience and proven tips about life and lifestyle gathered for the last fabulous 40 years and beyond.


photo credit: Burst by Shopify